Releases to the air

This section offers information on air pollution from other sources, such as road, air and maritime traffic, domestic heating, agriculture and small facilities.

The information provided come from different official data notified to the European Union and the United Nations as a result of the implementation both the European and International legislation such as the Directive on National Emission Ceilings, Geneva Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP-UNECE) and the Kyoto Protocol.

- Spanish Inventory System

The Spanish Inventory System (SEI), belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs, offers information on pollutant releases from both point and other sources.

General information about the Inventory and Projections of National Air Pollution are available. Furthermore links to the European Environment Agency (EEA) by which Spain fulfills reporting obligations to the European Union and the United Nations.

Information is available in different electronic format (XML and in PDF documents). Methodologies used to elaborate the inventories are included.

The following inventories are included in SEI:

Through E-PRTR, the European Environment Agency provides you with information on emissions of NOx, SO2, CO2, NH3 y PM10, diffuse sources and other point sources (industrial emissions, energy industry and agriculture activities, not included in E-PRTR, and also road transport), from the information provided by Member States to CLRTAP and UNFCCC, plus E-PRTR himself.

Spatial information is offered using maps (5x5km grid) in which citizens are capable of locating releases to air pollutants, allowing them to zoom in on their own neighborhood.


The Centre on emission inventories and projections (CEIP) works in the frame of the Co-operative programme for monitoring and evaluation of long range transmission of air pollutants in Europe (EMEP). One of its main objectives is to collect emissions and projections of acidifying pollutants, heavy metals, particulates and photochemical oxidants from the LRTAP Parties.

On its website you can find information on releases to the air from point and diffuse sources. Data are presented in tables and spatially using maps (50x50 km or 0.5ox0.5o grid).

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